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We are a group of education lovers who are committed to help students that know the importance of education by providing online education services. For us”it’s all about education.

We believe people who are providing education services must have background in education. Here, we rely on our experience in China. After spending more than a decade in China both as a student and a teacher, we have decided to share our experience with a wider audience. That’s why we have created DainiServices.

If you have any questions regarding being a student or a teacher in China, if you would consider studying in China or would like to improve your English through online English classes, there can be something we can help you about.


Educational Consultancy

Studying abroad, especially in China, should be cheaper than it seems. As Daini Online Services limited, we are eligible to help non-Chinese students enroll in one of 300+ Chinese universities.

Chinese Name Service

Due to rigid structure of Chinese language, it will not be so easy to survive in China without a Chinese name. We can create a Chinese name depending on how your native name sounds.

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